Friday, April 2, 2010

She's almost 7 months

See how fast she has grown...and she looks different to me since the first day she was born.
Our house has been getting smaller with all her stuff. Now whenever i go shopping, it's mainly buying her stuff. There are so many things for the babies now, plus all the different brands, one will really be spoilt for choices. Sometimes, it's really difficult to determine which is better. The more expensive one equates good?
Just like babies shoes, will you spend S$50 plus for a so-called good pair of shoes? Recently, i heard of this brand called Pediped. Apparently, some celebrities babies are wearing them. I still wonder if it's worth buying for them. They are more expensive than some of my shoes and my baby will outgrow them real quick.


Now i have gone through the pregnancy phrase, my friends who are pregnant will ask me what they should eat, etc.

Seriously, i am no expert in this area as most are mainly hear say but these are what i ate during my pregnancy:

1. Milk - powdered milk for the pregnant ladies, not fresh milk. I never like plain milk so imagine i got a hard time trying to convince myself that the powdered milk taste good. Even though some brands do have choc flavoured, i still drank the original one.

2. Soup - My mum made me the "si sen" soup once a week cos my aunt says that's good for the baby's lungs and the baby will have a lot of energy.

3. Soya bean milk - my favourite! I have it quite often.

4. Fish - A lot of fish especially cod fish.Don't eat oranges and grapes cos your baby may get a lot of flam in future. I also don't drink bird nest. People say that unless you clean the bird nest very thoroughly, chances of your baby getting asthma is higher.

Prior to my delivery, in order to increase the weight of my baby, i ate quite a bit of durian too. Mao shan wang durian is the best! Don't waste your stomach on not so good quality stuff. That's what i always believe in =D

Counting down - 7 Sep 2009

As the expected due date gets nearer, i try to eat my favourite food before i am stuck with confinement food. I had ice cream, soft drink, etc. I tried not to have them for the past 9 mths cos not so good for the baby. Anyway, i have not much craving for food for the past 9 baby eats whatever i eat. That's quite fortunate for my hubby...haha!

I can't imagine how i actually survive my first trimester...not morning sickness but evening sickness. I can eat more for breakfast and totally nothing for dinner. Sometimes, i would force myself to eat some food for ham and egg sandwich from Hanis or super unhealthy food like nasi lemak and fried bee hoon with tonnes of chilli. I can't have any veg at all cos i will throw up at night even if it's consumed during lunch. I really dislike that feeling. As the evening sickness kicked in after work, i would sleep around 9pm everyday.

I also began to abstain from a lot of food, like coffee and tea, cold drinks and food, sashimi, and whatever other food that pple say pregnant women can't eat.2nd trimester is the best..appetite regained so i just try to have all the healthy food like fish and veg. The worst is my pimples started popping out like nobody's business...the hormones just went crazy.

I began to start vomitting again at the beginning of my third trimester. Luckily, it only lasted for 2 weeks. I can't eat much for breakfast, but can eat a lot for lunch.I seriously cannot imagine that i have to go through all these again for the next pregnancy. Now i know how tough it is to be a mother.

Heavy Stomach - 7 Sep 2009

I didn't realised that i have created two post prior to my delivery so i am posting them now

My gynae told me last Sat (at 39 weeks and 3 days) that my baby is about 3 to 3.2kg. Wonder what has caused the weight increased of 200g of my baby. Is it the first week of rest at home as there are no more walking to the MRT station / the office and back home? Or is it the durian that i have been eating the last weekend? In any case, I'll be happy as long as my baby is healthy.Wonder when my baby will come out...expected due date is 9 Sep 09...another 2 more days...but gynae says another few more days after the expected due date is fine as well. Actually I was hoping that she will come out earlier as I would not need to monitor her movement in my womb. I guess maybe she likes the warmth and the food that she has been consuming in my womb.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time and Tide Waits for No Men

Whenever i see this phrase, i will associate it with a watch. I have no idea when i start loving watches but it is only admire at this stage, not buy to keep kind...simply because buying watches may burnt a deep hole in my pocket.

Recently, i chance upon my friend's blog and was surprised that he's a watch collector. He doesn't invest in those 5 digit watches, mainly 4 digits kind. I am equally surprised by his knowledge on the different watches. That's when i cannot call myself a watch collector. I am merely attracted to the design of watches, not the history and mechanics behind those watches.

I own 4 watches currently, but none are 4 digit figures...when the price of all 4 watches add up, they do not equate to a 4 digit figure too. I am wondering when i can own such a watch...hopefully soon( i am already eyeing on one already) =D

Thursday, June 12, 2008



I realise i got many pairs of shoes suddenly after i move more space means can buy more. Then realise i buy but never wear...especially those high heels which i need to find occasions to wear. Don't expect me to go shopping with high heels. I think i will just die.

I guess girls can also own tonnes of bags. I try not to as i always tend to only carry that few. I only like bags which i can put a water bottle, an umbrella, a book, tissue and my a tote will be good. To me, small handbags are just for special occasion cos they are not handy at all.


I never try to do facial before cos i feel once you start you will not stop. I also don't like to put on make-up cos i feel it's a waste of time and money. My cosmetics can just stay in my cupboard for more than a year...sometimes i just can't find any reasons to buy new come i can't finish a small cheek powder.

When the first impression counts, you just can't stop spending the time and money to try and make yourself look the best. I just feel that people nowadays are more critical of what you wear and how you look. Perhaps the consolation of spending that kind of time and money is building up your own self-confidence. For me, i just need some retail therapy to make myself happy =D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More desserts

Suddenly feel like having some sweet stuff...went to Cedele to try their sea salt caramel ice cream (which taste quite good as it has chunks of salted almond in it) and then got my favourite carrot cake and chocolate banana espresso cake.

I love carrot cake...but not those fried ones. What i meant is the one on the right...the lemon cheese frosting is yummy with the cinnamon carrot cake. The chocolate banana espresso is super sinful too...but i have both cakes all to myself at one go.

I love desserts but i can't stand those desserts that are too sweet. Like the donuts at J.Co, they are super unbearable! The dough is soft but the coating and the filling inside is too sweet.
I have just tried them the first time and i think it shall be the last time. Even my brother and sister who love donuts don't like the J. Co ones.